Buffet Crampon, Divine- Mopane                                                                           

Buffet Crampon, Divine- Mopane

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For 2021, Buffet Crampon is proud to present a special “mopane” edition, limited to 85 instruments based on a selection of Divine, Légende, Tosca and R13 clarinets.

Mopane wood from southern Africa has incredible resistance. It has arm mid brown to reddish-brown hues that harmonize wonderfully with the gleaming silver keys of our extraordinary musical instruments. 

This limited series by offering a mellow and warm sound that combines softness and brilliance with a powerful and direct projection. The essence of this wood allows for the exploration of new sound colors with both pure pianissimo nuances and wide, open forte tones without any saturation.

This special series will be offered with the ligne esthétique Grand Siècle (Great Century aesthetic line) – already present on the Légende – which elegantly combines rose gold pillars and rings. Each instrument from this limited edition will receive a special engraving with its unique item number, an original signed certificate of authenticity, and will be delivered in a high-tech metallic grey and leather case.

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Product Information


Key: Bb
Pitch: 440/442Hz
Body: Mopane
Bore: Poly-cylindrical
Tenons: Metal-capped
Tone holes slots: In Green-line on the upper joint
Carbon wire: Barrel, lower joint and bell
Corks: Synthetic on tenon, on lubrification necessary
Barrels: 2 (65 and 65mm)
Keys: 19
Rings: 6
Thumbrest: Adjustable
Eb lever: Included
Correction key: Low F correction key
Keywork finish: Silver-plated
Springs: Blue steel
Pins: Metal O-ring
Pads: Combination of GT pads (100% waterproof and breathable) and natural cork pads